The Happy Ski Monterosa promotion includes a 30% discount code to be applied to the price of ski passes purchased by our guests during their stay at our residence.

Once you have made your booking on our website you will receive a discount code worth 30% of the total cost of the ski pass which you can use yourself by purchasing the ski pass on the visitmonterosa website.


The Happy Ski Monterosa 2021-2022 promotion will be valid under the following conditions

  • a minimum stay of 3 nights if midweek (Mon-Fri)
  • a minimum stay of 4 nights if the period includes a weekend (even if only one of the days of the weekend is included, Saturday or Sunday).
  • Payment of a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the stay during the booking process.

The Happy Ski Monterosa 2021-2022 promotion will be valid in the following periods:

From Thursday 9 to Friday 24 December 2021

From Saturday 8 January to Sunday 16 January 2022

From Saturday 19 March to Sunday 18 April 2022

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