Do you remember the last time you felt completely relaxed, rejuvenated, and fed with love? Access Bars treatment allows you to rediscover that space of lightness and non-judgment that has been with you since birth! Session after session, it stimulates the release of thoughts, making it possible for you to change not only the way you see and approach everyday life, but also the way you relate to others. And when your mind is light, your body also benefits.

The residence provides guests with various services aimed to combine physical activity with treatments that promote psycho-physical well-being.


What are the BARS®?

The BARS are “energy bars” that we all have in our bodies. This treatment slows down brain waves and dissipates the electrical charge of stored polarity in the brain.

The BARS® are a fundamental element of the “Access Consciousness™” system. Access Consciousness™ is a pragmatic system of tools, techniques, and philosophies that allow you to create dynamic changes in every area of your life, including your body and yourself.

Founded by Gary Douglas in 1990 and developed over the last 11 years with Dr. Dain Heer, the purpose of Access is to create a world of awareness and unity. Awareness includes everything and judges nothing.
Accessing your awareness means accessing what you haven’t been willing to be, do, have, know, and receive in order to create greater possibilities.

There are 32 energy bars that flow through and around our head, storing all the electromagnetic components of every thought, idea, attitude, decision, and belief we have about everything.

Every thought, idea, attitude, decision, and belief you have fixed in place solidifies the energy and limits – in that area of your life – your capacity to be generative in that area, so that something different can show up in your life with ease.

Each Bar corresponds to a specific theme within ourselves and our lives.

How would it be to clear all the negative thoughts and all the viewpoints that block us in every area of our lives and prevent change?

The Bars energy massage helps with this. The flow of Bars is a simple, nourishing, relaxing, and incredibly dynamic body process. It makes you feel like you have received the most fantastic massage of your life and it opens you up to the possibility of flowing with ease and joy in every aspect of your life.


  • The BARS scrolling is a simple and non-invasive process.
  • The person receiving the treatment lies comfortably on a massage table, entirely dressed.
  • The operator lightly touches each point on the head, holding it for a few minutes to facilitate the release of energy.
  • Receiving this process usually leaves you with a sense of peace, spaciousness, and the feeling of having other possibilities open up for you.
  • With the BARS scrolling, the stored electrical charge of polarity in your brain begins to dissipate.
  • It’s like a VIRUS of AWARENESS that operates where you’re functioning on autopilot.
  • Running energy through these 32 “storage” points is like hitting the “reset” button on your computer.
  • What you no longer need or what automatically triggers you and holds you back gets RESET.

You start to be more PRESENT in your life. The past does not project onto your present and future.


It’s an incredible process of nourishment and relaxation that progressively destroys effortlessly the limitations in all aspects of life.

It works by naturally releasing the electromagnetic charge that holds energetic blocks that confine limiting beliefs, judgments, and belief systems.

Other treatments

Taopatch® is an innovative device that, without the use of chemical substances, stimulates imbalanced neural points through photons coherent with the human body. Benefits include enhancing body movement, recovering joint functionalities, reducing pain associated with incorrect postural patterns, and correcting such patterns. This promotes an energy recovery, contributing to an overall increase in well-being and optimizing physical and biological performance.

The Maitland concept is based on passive mobilization, which uses rhythmic oscillatory movements to restore normal joint position and pain-free movement. It is a technique used to treat musculoskeletal pain, both in the spine and in peripheral areas. Its strength lies in flexibility and openness, allowing the patient to progress safely and effectively.

Pilates is an exercise method that focuses on stretching, strengthening, and restoring balance in the body. In addition to improving physical appearance, it offers numerous health benefits such as improving posture, spinal mobility, and muscle tone. Moreover, it promotes overall well-being by reducing stress and enhancing body awareness. Pilates is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, thanks to its wide range of exercises.

BEMER research has developed a bio-physical system to stimulate optimal blood distribution within the microcirculation. BEMER therapy utilizes a signal that targets the body to promote healing and regeneration processes. Its purpose is to improve microcirculation, which plays a crucial role in delivering nutrients and oxygen to the body’s cells and removing waste products. By enhancing blood flow at the microcirculatory level, BEMER therapy aims to support overall health and well-being.

trattamenti bars
trattamenti bars

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