Bemer vascular therapy

One of the fundamental keys to health lies in the optimal distribution of blood within the microcirculation. BEMER research has succeeded in developing a biophysical treatment system that restores the optimal rhythm of the blood micro vessels. This effective stimulation promotes one of the most important mechanisms in the human organism, which is responsible for healing, regenerative and preventive processes.

The Bemer therapy was developed on the basis of the latest research results and, through the PLURIDIMENSIONAL SIGNAL (a globally unique signal configuration) for day and night treatments, stimulates the organism in a targeted manner where the most important processes for health take place.

In order to maintain or restore health and to support the healing and regenerative processes in the human body, efficient circulation is a basic prerequisite. The blood is used to supply nutrients and oxygen and to eliminate metabolic products and toxins.
The Bemer stimulates the microcirculation, resonating with the natural rhythm of deep vasomotion, which is unfortunately slowed down by the bad habits of our varied lifestyles. Through its multidimensional signal it regulates, corrects and restores normal functioning.

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