The Maitland “concept” has made a fundamental contribution to the development of manual therapy as an effective treatment for disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

The strength of the concept lies in its flexibility and openness, which allow the therapist to place the patient, with the uniqueness of her problems, at the centre of the clinical reasoning process. In fact, the treatment is immediately adapted to changes in the patient’s condition and allows progress in treatment in a safe and effective way.

Passive mobilization, at the basis of the concept, consists in the gentle induction of a movement by means of passive rhythmic oscillations, performed within or at the limit of the joint excursion, thus allowing the therapist to restore the joint structures to their normal position or status painless, so as to recover a passive movement without pain, along its entire excursion.

Manual therapy according to the Maitland Concept treats spinal and peripheral pains as well.

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fisioterapia gressoney

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